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Together in Faith


For more than 65 years, God has been faithful to the people of Merriman Road Baptist Church, and to its ministry in the community. As a church, we have strived to grow and to multiply the rich blessings and resources God has so faithfully provided. What began as a home-based church, and progressed from a single building, has now become a beautiful worship and Christ-centered activity center.

Much of that growth is a result of a commitment we made 20 years ago with the launch of Together We Grow, a three-year stewardship adventure, in which we humbly asked God what He would have us do, individually and collectively, in sacrificial giving and commitment. In 2005, we renewed our commitment to growth with another campaign called Forward in Faith. As you look around, you can see that God blessed our effort, and lovingly multiplied our gifts in the building of our church and our future plans.

Now we have a new opportunity to build on what God has done and to make a new commitment to substantially improve some important areas of our church and to better serve our future. We combine the legacy and the learning of Together We Grow and Forward in Faith to undertake a new stewardship campaign we lovingly call – Together in Faith.

In the days ahead you’ll be hearing more about this new three-year adventure and more about how -- and why -- you should be involved in moving it forward. For it is only when we move together in one heart and one spirit that we, empowered by God, can do His work and continue to build His church.


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Our Together in Faith Devotional Begins May 20

Our Together in Faith 21-Day Devotional Emphasis, starts on Monday, May 20. The purpose of this devotional period is help us as a congregation, draw close to God and to seek His face in the direction of our individual lives, and in the life and future of Merriman Road Baptist Church.

These daily devotions will be primarily delivered via email and posted on our Together in Faith Facebook page. A printed copy will also be available upon request.

God has so richly blessed us over the last 65+ years and we are so thankful for what He has done. In faith, great things have been accomplished and all glory and honor goes to Him.

We now embark on a new chapter and a greater vision for how our church can impact the lives of people, present and future, and build a legacy in our community.

We prayerfully ask you to join us in the Together in Faith initiative and become involved in the modernizing and the improvement of our facilities.

It starts with prayer and with preparing our hearts for the task ahead. Please make this 21 days of devotion a priority in your life. Commit now to blocking off the time to spend with God in stillness and reflection. Read the scripture, take notes, and follow the action steps found at the end of each day’s devotion.

Finally, take time to share with us what God is doing and what He is speaking to you throughout the journey.

Together in Faith… All things are possible!

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