A Song For the Road

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series titled: Journey to Bethlehem. The messages will point us to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. This week we will look at the song of Mary in chapter 1 of Luke's gospel. In this song of praise we are reminded of God’s plan of salvation and are encouraged to respond with faith, hope, and love.

Bible Camp 2022

MRBC Bible Camp

July 25- 29, 2022 - 6:15-8:45 pm

We are ready to get your children and teens into God's word at camp this summer!

Children in Grades K-6 will enjoy
"Gotta Move" to learn to keep in step with God's Spirit.


Students in Grades 7-12 will learn to
"Get to Work" as they study and apply the letter of James.

Each participant will be engaged with the truth in fun and interactive ways including, Bible study, stories, songs, games, crafts and food!

FREE GIVE-A-WAYS each evening!

Family Night

Sunday, July 31 - 5:00 PM

This is the kids opportunity to show you everything that they've been learning all week.  Please join us with your family and friends.

Bring your friends to camp!

Registration is Open and it's FREE!

 If you have questions about camp, please call the church office at 734-421-0472.

Jesus Comes To Us In Our Troubles

Followers of Christ, live in a fallen world and must deal with hardships and discouragement's. The wonderful encouragement we receive from God’s word is examples and promises, that remind us that: Jesus comes to us in our troubles

No Jesus, No Peace; Know Jesus, Know Peace

Peace seems to be the thing that everyone is pursuing, but never arriving at. We hear about plans for world peace, but every day the news reports of more conflict and war. Listen how you can have a peace that can never be taken.