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Growing Strong in Christ
Sun, Mar 10, 2019
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31 mins 23 secs
This Sunday will be the beginning of our third week in the discipleship adventure titled, Growing Strong in Christ. I hope that you are enjoying and being challenged by the daily times in devotion. My prayer agrees with Paul's prayer for the Ephesians: "I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, would give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.” This week in worship and in the word we consider that putting on the breast plate of righteousness is putting on Christ. We will ask the question of what that looks like and we will find the answer in final conversation that Jesus has with Peter.
Better Together
Sun, Jan 27, 2019
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36 mins 29 secs
When you were born again through Christ, we were born into a family of faith called the church. Jesus gave us a command to make disciples and teach disciples that we might grow together in Him. This new life in Christ is intended by God to be a life of growth. What we see by example and by instruction in scripture is that we grow better together.
Better Together
Sun, Jan 13, 2019
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38 mins 53 secs
This Sunday we build on the truth that as the Church of Jesus Christ, we are “Better Together”. Last week we examined the Biblical teaching that we are the Body of Christ. This word picture speaks of who we are and what we are about. We are many diverse parts working together in unity for the Glory of God. This week we turn to another picture that the apostle Peter gives us, that the church is a New Nation of Priests. Again the identity speaks of our unity in Christ and the fact that we share His purpose of reconciling men women boys and girls to the Kingdom of God.
Better Together
Sun, Jan 06, 2019
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40 mins 12 secs
We are "Better Together;” These messages will be focused on biblical instruction of how God has put us together as His Church. The ever present danger is that we become distracted by trends and fads cultural thinking about the church and as a result forget who we are. We can only bring glory to God when we serve together as the Body of Christ. This week we will consider the instruction of I Corinthians 12 that we are better together as one body in Christ.
A Thrill of Hope
Sun, Dec 30, 2018
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35 mins 20 secs
As Christian we have the hope of Jesus' return.
A Thrill of Hope
Sun, Dec 23, 2018
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35 mins 50 secs
This Sunday we will move to the prophet Micah to consider His prophecy of the Little Town of Bethlehem. In this prophetic revelation we are confronted with the clear pattern of the way in which God works among His people. He takes that which is considered insignificant by the measure of men,and lifts it up through the life changing presence of Jesus.
A Thrill of Hope
Sun, Dec 16, 2018
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41 mins 45 secs
This week will be the second message in the series, a Thrill of hope. The series come to us from the words of the prophets who looked to the coming of the Messiah. Their words foretold <br /> accuratly the redemptive plan that God was working out through the birth of Baby Jesus.This given son gives to us the Hope of Peace
The Pilgrimage of Faith
Sun, Nov 18, 2018
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42 mins 38 secs
As we continue to travel through the book of Numbers, we come to a section, where the view shifts from Israel to a man named Balaam. Here is a man, who is not Jewish but knows God in a personal way. He is a man whom God has worked through and one we would assume was a good man. Yet, his story reminds us of some important truths. Among these truths is the reminders that God speaks to those who seek Him and that even a good person can make foolish choices.
The Pilgrimage of Faith
Sun, Nov 11, 2018
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38 mins 16 secs
This Sunday, we will be in Numbers 21 and the story of the brazen serpent.It is a clear picture of the Cross of Jesus Christ. In fact,Jesus said that he would be lifted up like Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness. As we read through the story together, we will discover that the Cross was God's redemptive plan from eternity past.