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Angels, Demons and the Kingdom
Sun, Jan 31, 2016
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49 mins 56 secs
As we consider the conflict between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness we find one central figure that is scheming with and leading the forces of darkness. That one is call the Devil. He is a real created being and the Bible has much to say about him. In any battle it is important to know your enemy, so in this message we look to what the Bible has to say about our foe.
Angels, Demons and the Kingdom
Sun, Jan 24, 2016
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46 mins 20 secs
This week we begin a new sermon series titled Angels, Demons and the Kingdom; pulling back the veil on the spiritual world. In this message will provide the overview of 5 basic truths we will be focused on through out the series.
Single Message
Sun, Jan 17, 2016
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36 mins 50 secs
Discipleship means walking with Jesus, sometimes that walk takes us to stormy places. Yet it is in those places that we have the opportunity to walk on water.
Single Message
Sun, Jan 10, 2016
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30 mins 52 secs
As we begin a New Year most of us are required by the IRS to give an accounting of 2015. Sometimes that means we gather receipts, pull together forms, and gather evidence of how we spent our money last year. Often it is a tedious process, but necessary. Maybe at the same time we should be considering a higher level of stewardship accountability. In the parable of Jesus found in Luke 16, we are challenged to consider the investments of the stewardship of our lives. Are you investing wisely?
Journey to Bethlehem
Sun, Dec 27, 2015
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33 mins 15 secs
In the person of Herod we are reminded of the very real evil that is in the world and even in each of us. While the sin of pride causes us to reject God’s rule, Jesus came into dark and evil world to be our King. See how God is at work in the midst of evil in Matthew 2.
Journey to Bethlehem
Sun, Dec 20, 2015
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59 mins 3 secs
Far off in an Eastern land the Magi responded to the star and prophecy of scripture to visit the baby Jesus. They came to visit a King, while many who lived near where God was at work to redeem the world, paid no attention. One of the reminders that the Magi give us in this season is that God keeps his word. So, as God promises that He is at work in our time, we need to be paying attention.
Journey to Bethlehem
Sun, Dec 13, 2015
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30 mins 17 secs
As we journey to Bethlehem let's consider the first Christmas announcement that was given to the most lowly of people... shepherds. You'll be surprised the lessons that you can learn from people who keep sheep!
Journey to Bethlehem
Sun, Dec 06, 2015
Hits: 143
32 mins 47 secs
This Sunday we begin a new sermon series titled: Journey to Bethlehem. The messages will point us to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. This week we will look at the song of Mary in chapter 1 of Luke's gospel. In this song of praise we are reminded of God’s plan of salvation and are encouraged to respond with faith, hope, and love.
Rock Solid Family
Sun, Nov 29, 2015
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44 mins 2 secs
This is the last message in our series on building our home on the "Solid Rock." This week we need to look at the truth that Satan desires to lead us away from God's best. He wants us to sell off the godly inheritance that has been given to us by grace. Our hope is that you will pound in a "Not For Sale" sign on the threshold of your heart and your home.
Rock Solid Family
Sun, Nov 22, 2015
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40 mins 23 secs
I think every parent asks the question, "Why aren't my kids more thankful. "We marvel at the way they just assume that they can expect everything that they want. Well, did you ever think that we must teach gratefulness? In this message we are going to talk about where thankfulness should come from in our own hearts and how we should teach our children to be truly thankful.