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Questions God Asks
Sun, Sep 03, 2017
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31 mins 8 secs
This weeks question should really get us thinking. What if God were to ask you, “What do you want, ask of me anything…” What would you ask for? What we ask for does reveal what is on our heart. Solomon was given this very opportunity. How he responded made all the difference in his life. How and what we ask God for makes a difference in our lives as well.
Questions God Asks
Sun, Aug 27, 2017
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35 mins 38 secs
As we consider the questions God asks us, here we look at a question that sets the perimeters of truth. We often ask questions of God based on our temporal experience. These questions are in truth nonsense questions because we do not have the capacity to understand the answer. So God asks of us, "Where were you when I established the earth?” From this and the questions that follow in Job 38-39, God is saying, you are asking a question that has an eternal answer.
Sun, Aug 27, 2017
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This week we come to the Fourth miracle of Jesus in the Gospel of John. In this account we see that Jesus test the faith of His disciples. He tests our faith first to help us see what we are depending on and second that we might trust Him more. Jesus wants us to grow in our faith and he wants us to experience His abundance. John 6:1-15.
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Sun, Aug 20, 2017
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16 mins 50 secs
On Sunday, August 20, 2017, 11 were baptized at Belleville Lake in a public declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ. Listen to the stories of these new believers and please pray for each of of them that God will carry on to completion the good work that he's begun in them!
Questions God Asks
Sun, Aug 20, 2017
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40 mins 11 secs
This morning we will look at Genesis 18 and the question that God asked Sarah. He asked, “why did you laugh?” The question exposed Sarah’s doubt in God’s word. The story also gives us the opportunity to be reminded that the good news of God’s redemptive love gives to us the opportunity to laugh with God in joy. So, the question can still be asked, “why do you laugh?”
Questions God Asks
Sun, Aug 13, 2017
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47 mins 17 secs
As we read Genesis chapter 4 this week we see the steps of a person that is not walking with God in fact they are walking away from God. This begins in the heart and then finds expression in actions leading to God’s question of Cain, “What have you done?"
Questions God Asks
Sun, Aug 06, 2017
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36 mins 25 secs
This week we start a new sermon series titled: The Questions God Asks Us. The first question from God in the bible is asked of Adam and Eve. “Where are you?” This question challenges us to understand that God is still seeking us. All of His questions in the scriptures reveal his redemptive love. A love that does not leave us alone in our sin but seeks us to save us and open our eyes to His presence.
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Sun, Jul 30, 2017
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34 mins 15 secs
This weeks sermon is title "A walk through the Cemetery.” We will look at Genesis chapter 5 in which the genealogy from Adam to Noah is listed. The repeated statement with each of these in the list are the words, "and then they died.” It is as if we were walking through the cemetery reading epithets. But this record holds a surprise which is both instructive and deeply encouraging… Enoch walked with God!
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Sun, Jul 23, 2017
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31 mins 13 secs
As we prepare for Vacation Bible School and consider all the work that goes into this effort, it is important to remember that we serve for saving of souls. The human soul is precious to God and should be precious to us. The value of our own soul should be considered as well as the many souls around us.
Faith that Works
Sun, Jul 16, 2017
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35 mins 40 secs
Are you crushed by circumstance? Are you corrupted by sin? Are you a cast-a-way from society? God has great hope for you and it is only a prayer away!