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Bible Study Groups

At Merriman Road, we see Bible study as a valuable part of every individuals growth.  The Bible is the living word from God that meets us wherever we are at in our lives. Through Bible study we hope to

1. Reach people with the good news about salvation in Jesus Christ.
2. Teach people to obey all that Jesus commanded.
3. Minister to people in love by seeking to meet their needs in community.

Bible Study groups meet for all ages on Sundays at 9:30 am & 11:00 am.  Other times available.

Let us help you find a group today!



Adult Bible Study

In our Bible Study program you will find a variety of classes that are tailored for different life situations.  In these classes you will dig deeper into the Word of God to see the treasures that are there for you.  Whether you are a single adult, or parents of a student in college, newly-weds or entering the golden years, we have classes where you can see the relevance of the Word of God to your life NOW.

Here are the adult classes you can be a part of (age guidelines are general - if you are 18 or older feel free to join any of the co-ed groups.)  Men's and Women's Bible Study Groups are also available.

College Rob Parsons Special studies appropriate for college students and young adults 18-23 Bible Studies for Life 11:00am Rm. 064
Co-ed 1 Larry Smith Single adults and married couples ages 25-40 Bible Studies for Life 11:00am Rm. 062
Life Answers Jason Koglemann Married couples and couples with young children Explore the Bible 11:00am Rm. 140
The Journey David Duncan Men and women ages 35-65 Explore the Bible 9:30am Rm. 265
Bible Explorers George Seelow Men and women ages 35-60 Explore the Bible 11:00am Rm. 264
Co-ed 4A Carl Hengstebeck Men and women ages 35-60 Bible Studies for Life 11:00am Rm. 250
Co-ed 4B Kim Jenkins / Ann Noeyack Men and women ages 30+ Bible Studies for Life 11:00am Rm. 132
Co-ed 5 Mike Robbins Men and women ages 35-60 Bible Studies for Life 9:30am Rm. 250
Co-ed 6 Jerry Dahlen Men and women ages 55+ Explore the Bible 9:30am Rm. 132
Co-ed 7 Don Pierce Men and women ages 65+ Bible Studies for Life 11:00am Rm. 126
Women's Lydia Class Deb Labadie Women ages up to 65 Bible Studies for Life 9:30am Rm. 264
Women's Hannah Class Shirley Gorton Women ages 66+ Bible Studies for Life 9:30am Rm. 126
Deaf Cindi Roberts Studies for the deaf, 18+ Explore the Bible 11:00am Rm. 131
Special Friends John Duncan Studies for those with special needs, 18+ Access 9:30am Rm. 263
Connection Hugh Hensley Adults looking to connect with God and friends! Explore the Bible 9:30am  Rm. 140
Disciples and Disciplemakers Louis Buendia For new Christians looking to have a mentor to lead them to grow! Key Bible truths for new believers 9:30am Rm. 067
Masterwork Brian Craft Adults searching the Bible with studies from well known authors. Masterwork 11:00am Rm. 067
F.A.I.T.H. Riders Darrel Manuel Biker enthusiasts who love Jesus! Bible Studies for Life 11:00am Rm. 254
Estudio Biblico en Español / Spanish Bible Study Louis Buendia Bible study for Spanish speakers Studies for those new to the Bible 6:00pm Rm. 140
4G - Men David Ferraro A group of guys focused on God's good news before the work day! Mobilizing Men for Ministry (R) 6:30am McDonald's at Ford Rd and Radcliff
Run for God Cindy Parker Running Enthusiasts Run for God


Rm. 132
Men's Study Bill Parker Men seeking to live by faith Personal Holiness (periodically)(T) 10:00am Rm. 132

Types of Studies

Access - a curriculum designed for adults with special learning needs.
Explore the Bible - A study that takes you through every book of the Bible in 6 years. 
Bible Studies for Life - Biblical lessons that focus on our changing culture and how we must live in the world as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.
Master Work: A different study each quarter written by well known people such as Billy Graham, Beth Moore, John Piper and others.

Pre-School (Birth - Kindergarten)

That's right, we even have a place for your baby, toddler or pre-schooler to learn the Bible as you do!  We believe that children are a great blessing and responsibility and we desire to come alongside and help you raise your child in the nurture and instruction of the Lord.  Here your baby will be safe and cared for in the loving arms of one of our nursery workers and your young children can begin to learn the great stories of faith in the Bible that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

We currently have five (5) classes:

1. Birth - 1 Year   (Room 164)
2. Toddlers    (Room 162)
3. Two & Three Year Olds   (Room 165)
4. Four Year Olds   (Room 163)     
5. Five Year Olds and Kindergarten (Room 161)

The "Bible Studies for Kids" lessons that our preschoolers are learning line up in their theme to the adult groups that are also using the "Bible Studies for Life" curriculum, so that families can share "one conversation" about what they are learning in their groups and parents can be better equipped on a weekly basis to reinforce the things that their children are learning.

Children (1st -6th Grade)

As your child learns the great stories of the Bible here, they will be encouraged in the importance of trusting Jesus to save them from sin and placing their lives in His hands.  The kids have their own special department where they can enjoy a safe place and become a friend to other children.  Here your child will also begin to learn important practices like Bible reading, Scripture memorizing, and prayer and how each of these can become a part of their daily life as they learn to follow Christ.

We currently have five (5) classes:

1. 1st Grade   (Room 220)
2. 2nd Grade   (Room 221)
3. 3rd & 4th Grade   (Room 224)
4. 5th & 6th Grade Girls   (Room 226)
5. 5th & 6th Grade Boys   (Room 228)

During the 9:30 session, children meet for a brief assembly after they are checked into the Children's Department and then go to their classrooms.  Then during the 11:00 session, the classes meet together again for Children's Worship.

The Gospel Project for Kids curriculum that our Children's Department uses, takes kids through all the major stories of the Bible chronologically in 3 years so that they can understand and appreciate how all of the Bible fits together and points us to salvation in the person of Jesus.

Youth (7th - 12th Grade)

Certainly there are many things changing in the life of a teenager, but we desire for them to each have one constant in their lives - Jesus.  Here youths will be challenged with lessons which will help them flee the temptations that they are faced with each day and hold on to Jesus.  The Bible Study sessions begin with a video introduction to the lesson and then students break up into groups for study and discussion.  In these small groups youth will be able to build friendships with others that will be an encouragement to their lives.

We currently have three (3) classes:

1. 7th & 8th Graders
2.  9th & 10th Graders
3. 11th & 12th Graders

The Bible studies for youth are offered during the 11:00 session in the Youth Department.